About Us


In simple words, we are manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers of Leather Garments for life. Since 2007 with a passion of invent we highly focused on the made-to-measure and made-to-order capable factory.
Our mission is to produce high-quality products while keeping their final prices the lowest possible. That’s why we say LIVE low value, ENJOY high quality.
Day from our commencement we are steadfast to fulfill our customer's needs maximizing satisfaction to win repeated orders increasing trust in us a decree to a lifelong business relationship.
Pakistan is a big source that produces premium quality leather-like Buffalo Leather, Cowhide Leather, Cow Suede Leather, Sheep Leather, Goat Leather, etc. We especially prepare leather in various gauges to meet outfit needs in all colors and leather-dye-process that you demand!
We with packed hands in making high-quality Cordura Fabric racing attire like Jackets, Pants, and Full Cordura Suit for Men and Women.

Our Capacity.:
Leather Fashion Garments. After leather preparation is complete the production capacity goes to 500 PCs Leather Jackets per Month similarly for other fashion products like Skirts, Pants.
Leather Motorbike Racing Gear. Once the leather is prepared as per your needs our production capacity reaches 250+ Racing Jackets in one month. 10 Sets of Motorbike Leather Suits in a month time period with your custom logo and private label logo branding.
Our production capacity touches 15,000+ in a month of production for Winter Leather Dressing Gloves, Cycling, Car Driving Gloves, etc.
We split a dedicated unit for Cheap Price Cut Piece Winter Leather Gloves where we produce and supply 30,000+ Leather Gloves to save your hands in extreme conditions.

We are looking forward with great interest to seeing you soon.
Thank you,
 GEO Leather Industry., Nizam Abad Street, Zaffarwal Road, Sialkot – 51310. Pakistan.
 +92 (0)526306153