Delivery Info!

Dear Reader,

After making an order this is one of our major worries how soon and securely you receive your samples and actual order shipment posted by us.

Generally, the larger quantity orders are delivered through Sea and comparatively smaller orders by Air Freight as per mutual consensus. Samples order shipments should take express deliveries.

Most of the new customers like to see samples first before they set to place their orders and mass production beginnings. The new customer should have to pay us in advance deposits for their sample making requests including shipping costs.

For samples shipments following methods can be option for your kind attention.

  • Standard Delivery.
    • EMS.
    • Regular Post Office delivery. Low in price but quite insecure to arrive. [Choosing Standard Delivery chances are for any kind of loss, misused or damage of your samples. We will not encourage you to choose Standard Delivery service may cost you any loss, misused, damage. We will not take any liability or responsibility using of this].
  • Express Delivery.
    • DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT etc.
    • For comparatively low-priced shipping cost methods could be SkyNet, DPEX, etc. [We highly recommend you to at least stick around with the Express Deliveries method for your samples safety].

For Express Deliveries the shipment tracking number will be provided you, soonest possible, soon after shipment get shipped. So, you may track the shipment on the go.

For larger orders, once the order is placed and work has been on the P.P.S i.e. Production Planning Samples and P.S i.e. Samples from Production, can be send to you as per mutually agreed strategy.

Thank you,